Content marketing is an essential part of your overall digital marketing strategy. It helps build awareness and communicates your knowledge to the audience of the subject matter.
The way you present your content is up to you, there are a variety of content publishing options for you to choose from. Your audience may dictate where and where your content should be published for it to be most effective – different people cling to different social platforms.
Now, what else can you do to make your content more effective, and bring on board more followers?

1. Utilize Infographics

What better way to convey information to your audience than through the use of visual aids? Infographics help you do just that and it creates a more engaging content submission.
Large pieces of information that are found within a lengthy piece of text can be condensed into an easy-to-understand infographic. It will help your audience better understand and remember data, statistics, and analysis through a more creative medium.
Infographics can be shared through a variety of social media platforms, websites, and blogs. Best of all, they don’t ever get old, the information can be repurposed and reshared time and time again.

2. Cross-promote your content

Don’t contain your content within a single platform. You can cross-promote any content or social media posts across all your digital marketing channels. This will help you create more exposure for anything you publish and build up a new follower base.
Include your social media profiles in the signature of your email, embed social media sharing buttons on your blog and your web page. If your audience is intrigued and like what they see, they will gladly spread the word on your behalf through their circle of friends.

3. Automate content creation and submission

Like many things nowadays, we are leaning towards more automation within the workplace. Content marketing is no different – it can be automated as well.
When you incorporate automation in your digital marketing strategy, it allows you to save time, and be more effective in reaching the right audience. Think about it this way, you don’t constantly have to glue yourself to your social media accounts to stay engaged with your audience.
Software such as Buffer or EvergreenFeed allows you to schedule your posts at the time of your choosing. Create the content, and let the software take care of the rest.
Relying on automation software will help you garner the attention of your audience, and continue to establish a fruitful relationship with them.

4. Contests 

Having contests on your social media is another great way to catch the attention of new and existing customers. Attaching rewards or incentives to content can really help spur the user to take action.
A lot of companies started utilizing this method to bring onboard new followers. They create contests online and anyone who shares their posts or “likes” them opts in to win a prize or a coupon for various discounts.
Do you have a way to create some contests or other incentives to catch the attention of your target audience? See if you can implement this and watch your followers grow.

5. Flaunt Reviews

Having satisfied customers and having them praise you has to feel good for any business out there. When people know that customers are happy with your results, new ones would be more inclined to choose you too.
Don’t be afraid to share positive customer reviews on your social media or other digital marketing platforms. Spread the word of positive customer interaction with the world.
Before people choose to do business with a new company, they usually look through online reviews to see if the business is worth their time and money. Be sure to let them know that you have a satisfied consumer base.

6. Call-to-Action

A lot of the time, just telling people what they need to do can pay off big time. In this case, implementing a call-to-action on your social media posts and content can net you great benefits through increased user engagement and an increase in new followers.
Include words such as “follow” or “please share” within the content you create. It will help persuade your reader to take the necessary action and help create more awareness for your content and your business.
It’s been proven that call-to-action does indeed work, and helps entice people to take action – to use it.

7. Make sure the content you create is RELEVANT

Last but not least, the actual creation of good content for your followers to the consumer. Even if you do the above correctly, it won’t pay off as well as creating valuable and relevant content for your audience.
You need to focus on the types of content that your business can relate to and something you know. If you run a flower store and your social media posts are and blogs are about construction or engineering, you won’t be seen as a credible source by your audience in any of the subjects.
You are a source of knowledge for your audience that is there for a specific purpose. A gardener will target individuals with a “green thumb”, car repair shops will focus on people that have issues with their cars and create content that the reader can take something away from.